Hand & Foot Treatments

Essence of Soul®

Dip into sea salt, a natural exfoliant from seawater, and your choice of essential oils (French lavender, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, or grapefruit) to soothe the skin and relax the mind as you follow an exquisite manicure or pedicure journey.

Hands $18.00 / Feet $32.00

The Balm of Purity®

Hands and feet are drenched in warmed lotion enriched with wheat protein and then massaged with drops of fresh grapefruit essential oil to treat dry cuticles and moisten your skin. Unwind with this refreshing and comforting indulgence.

Hands $23.00 / Feet $40.00

Flower Petal Float®

Soak and your hands and feet in a basin filled with rose petals, prized for their moisturizing and mood-elevating benefits. Relax as the petals are bathed over your skin and aloe vera lotion is massaged into muscles for a fragrant mind-body lift.

Hands $23.00 Feet $45.00

Summer Oasis®

Quench parched skin in a bath filled with warm water, fresh slices of hydrating cucumber and mint leaves to alleviate summer heat. Hands and feet are wrapped in steamed towels then massaged with cool lotion for a revitalizing spa finish.

Hands $23.00 / Feet $45.00

Breath of Milk and Honey®

Hands and feet are immersed in hot milk and honey, dry skin is exfoliated with an aromatic sugar scrub, massaged, and wrapped in a hot steamed towel. Enjoy the sweetness and allow yourself to be taken care of.

Hands $28.00 / Feet $50.00

Magic Clay Slipper®

Like a facial for your hands and feet, this renewing treatment starts with a vigorous sugar scrub that will impart a healthful glow followed by one of three illuminating masques, including a detoxifying volcanic clay to remove impurities, firming citrus to reduce signs of aging, or hydrating almond to deeply condition.

Hands $32.00 / Feet $55.00

Spirit of the Beehive®

Lock in moisturizer and condition your cuticles with a unique three-layer warm paraffin wax, one of the most complete hydrating treatments that helps boost circulation, relax your muscles and increase skin elasticity. Hands and feet are wrapped like a beehive so they will emerge softer and more radiant.

Hands $35.00 / Feet $60.00

Extra callus treatment for feet

This powerful callus soother is designed to leave feet smooth and untouched by rough patches. A fast-acting blend of ingredients rids dead skin while a citrus scent provides an invigorating finish. Add on to any pedicure service.


*Combine any of our hand and foot treatments for your own personal journey to serenity.

Additional Services

French Manicure
add Hands $5.00 / Feet $5.00
add Hands $5.00 / Feet $5.00
Change Polish
Hands $10.00 / Feet $15.00
Hands $45.00 / Feet $65.00
Shellac Remove